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Aldi’s LACURA (Glow Recipe dupes)

Whether you love or loathe them, Aldi live and breathe dupes, especially beauty / skincare. But are they worth it?

And the answer is, depends on the person. Sounds like the biggest cop out answer right? But that’s how I genuinely feel.

So as you could (probably) tell, these 3 products are a dupe *cough* rip off… of the Glow Recipe‘s world famous products;
Pineapple C Bright Serum
Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser
Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask

I think if you’re going out to buy any Aldi dupes, especially skincare, it’s important to remember you probably won’t get the same results or long lasting effects of if you were to buy from the original company. I’ve seen many argue it has the ‘same’ ingredients, which may be somewhat true, but the OG company has gone through a lot of work researching and perfecting their formulas, that’s where it becomes a little bit of a moral grey area.
I have argued the point that those who can’t afford a £42 eye cream, are best going for the £4.49 /£4.99 option (the price of the LACURA products by the way), which is a no brainer in my eyes.

I’ve been trying them out for a couple of weeks now. I’ll go into a little bit of detail about each one;

Avocado Bright Eyes

I’ve started with my, (very unexpectedly), favourite out of the bunch.

I didn’t really need an eye cream in my collection, I never really use more than one at a time, but as this was part of the new LACURA collection, I ordered it, and have 0 regrets.

This is a really smooth, creamy feeling eye cream, not too heavy, but also feels really soothing around the eyes.
I don’t really suffer with under eye wrinkles as of yet, so I can’t really comment on the retinol effects as such, but looking at the INCI, it’s very low down on the list, especially compared to it’s original, Glow Recipe counterpart, but there are a few of hydrating ingredients up top.

I really appreciate ALDI including on their packaging and website to apply SPF for day time use, as we know, retinol does make skin more susceptible to UV damage, so I think it’s good of them to enforce that for this product.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Watermelon Gel Moisturiser

I expected more from this to be honest. But I’m not mad.

I think the smell is definitely something I need to address, you’re either going to love it or hate it. It’s very artificially sweet, something which I don’t mind, but I know people won’t want that on their face, and that’s understandable.
It’s got a little glitter/iridescent effect to it, which makes it fun to look at.

As for the texture and wear of this gel, it’s not all that hydrating, a little bit tacky post application, but not so much it’s impossible not to wash off.
It’s what it says on the [jar] tin, it’s a gel, so is lightweight and not too heavy, maybe best for summer days.
I have Glow Recipe’s Banana Soufflé Moisturising Cream, full review here. And my god, that’s moisturising as HELL, so expectations are already high, and this doesn’t hit the mark I’m afraid.

My skin hasn’t been hating or rejecting it though, my skin has been quite nice, but I did notice I had a tiny amount of sensitivity one morning, and this moisturiser had a bit of an uncomfortable effect, so I’m guessing this isn’t great for sensitive skin.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10.

Pineapple Face Serum

The most anticipated, but in my opinion, the worst.

Much like the moisturiser, I’m not mad, but I’m not going to repurchase, mostly because I have other Vit C that I simply much prefer, and have a higher percentage of Ascorbic Acid. Maybe if you’re starting out on Vit C, then this could be great, as it’s also a mild acid exfolient.

If you think you’re going to apply this and smell like a tropical island, think again, I mean it’s not disgusting, but it isn’t great. I can definitely get pineapple, but it’s kinda musky, hard to explain, but then again, Vitamin C is renowned to have a funny smell sometimes.

Texture wise, it’s quite lovely, not too oily or watery, and sinks in nice (I apply on damp skin).

My skin has been nice in the days I’ve been using this, so it does have potential, but it’s just ok.

Rating: 4 out of 10.

Overall, they’re ok products, I’d definitely consider repurchasing the eye cream!

I think we can all agree the packaging is lovely, but we’ve got Glow Recipe to thank for that ;).
I do have something that has been bugging me though, these don’t have any protective seals for a fresh jar. Usually any jar packaging has foil seals, or plastic tops, but nothing. This makes me nervous on the hygiene aspects from factory, all the way to the store / my house. Come to think of it, I’m so glad I didn’t pick any up from the supermarket, god knows who’d have their hands on them. I hope they can improve this soon.

For the price, I really can’t argue.

What do you guys think? Are you team LACURA? Or team Glow?

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L.K. x

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands in my post, and everything is my honest opinionPlease note that some links to websites may have expired by the time you read this post.


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