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March Favourites!

I’ve never actually done a favourites on my blog before. Yes! A ”blogger” not doing a monthly favourites?! Sacrilege.
But I have more time on my hands than when I’m doing my usual 40 hour working weeks, so here, have one.
Being off work for this period of time has let me experience some new products. There’s some of my staples here too.

Let’s crack on…


Glow Recipe – Banana Soufflé Moisturising Cream

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll see this beauty pop up numerous times in my morning routine. I love this, like actually LOVE it.

Ironically, I only own this because I was doing a Cult Beauty shop last year, and was highly intrigued by Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Sleeping Mask. This moisturiser came in a mini size along with the sleeping mask and Watermelon Ultra-Fine Mist. Funnily enough, this is the only one out of the 3 I use now.
I’ve mentioned this before but when I first started hearing about Glow Recipe, I honestly thought it was a gimmick, kiddie based skincare line with no serious skin benefits. This was mainly down to it being popular in the ‘skinfluencer’ community, which sometimes we all need to take with a pinch of salt, and the packaging, colourful, fruity, fragranced. But you know what, who says packaging has to be plain and boring to have to take it seriously? I’ve been royally told by GR.
I have since done more research into the brand and it’s INCI lists, and it’s actually not bad.
I admit, the sleeping mask I didn’t rate at all, I might give it another go, but for now, that’s my opinion. But I’m really eager to purchase more from Glow, especially the Avocado range.

In regards to the Banana Soufflé Cream, it’s the perfect balance of thin and thick. Glycerin is the second ingredient, so is super hydrating. There are some lovely seed oils and fruit extracts here too. The banana smell is definitely more of an artificial scent, very much like Yazoo (Banana milkshake), I love banana smelling things, so this is perfect for me.
I find the smell can calm down with more uses, but that hint of nana is still present. Although your face doesn’t smell like bananas all day, once it has sank in there’s none of that annoying after-smell.

Aurelia – Cell Repair Night Oil

This is a new find for me, it came in my Next Beauty Box, full review here.

Face oils, what a relationship I’ve had with them through the years.
Now as a teenager / young adult, I always suffered with excessively oily skin, something I now realise was from lack of moisturiser, over exfoliation (St Ives, f you) and, well, being a teenager. So the concept of an oil on my face was bad territory. But now I have discovered things that balance my skin type and texture, and oil is just fucking bliss to put it bluntly.
Now, I don’t indulge in an oil every night, as some nights just consist of me slapping the nearest moisturiser and calling it a day, but when I do, it’s lush.
This oil I keep at my boyfriends house, I use Zelens Z-22 when I’m at home, also a really good face oil.

I’d never, ever heard of this brand before until I received this product in the beauty box. But when I done some research into them for my review they really caught my attention. The ingredients for products look divine, seed oils, fruit extracts etc, things I love for my skincare.

There’s some debate within the community whether it’s oil / moisturiser, moisturiser then oil, oil then moisturiser?! Yelp!
I say, you do you.
Personally, I used to do one or the other, then I started moisturiser then oil. But something made me switch it up one day, I patted on my oil then carefully put my moisturiser on afterwards. Gamechanger.
It just feels like it locks everything in one place. They do recommend to go up in thickness with your products so it does make sense to do oil – moisturise. But as I said earlier, you do you.

The only reason I could imagine people not liking this, is it’s strong, seed oil smell. It is quite pungent. I believe this is expected from most face oils though, as many contain ingredients such as seed oils, flower / leaf extracts etc. But it’s something to watch out for if you’re nose sensitive.

Lacura – Hot Cloth Cleanser

Ah, controversial…

This is another product that I’ve loved for a while, but I found these mini Hot Cloth Cleansers at the start of this month and I’m obsessed all over again.

The reason ALDI’s own Lacura is quite controversial within the skincare/beauty realm, is their blatant duplication of other brands’ naming and packaging. Which I do agree, is morally wrong. But dupes like this, I feel are great for someone who is on a budget, and might not be able to afford the more expensive, original thing.
You might have guessed the Hot Cloth Cleanser range has been taken from Liz Earle’s, very famous cleanser, of the same name.
As long as you’re not under the impression that the INCI list is going to be the exact same, then you won’t be disappointed.
Other dupes include Glow Toner (taken from Pixi’s Glow Tonic) and Caviar Cream (taken from La Prairie £320 rrp!!)

As mentioned, I recently bought a pack of minis, which has 4 mini Hot Cloth Cleansers, (3 only pictured as I took one to my boyfriends to use there). The Vitamin C one is my fave, perfect for mornings and smells strongly of oranges (which isn’t for everyone, but I think is stunning). My Mum loves the Pink Clay one for her second cleanse.

The texture is really creamy, and perfect for AM cleanse, or second cleanse in my opinion. The fragrance is quite strong within the whole range, so maybe something to consider.

Despite the backlash these cleansers get, I do really enjoy using them. Minis are also great to take on holiday.


Garnier – Watermelon & Pomegranate Shampoo and Conditioner

Good enough to eat!

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past year or so, you’ve probably heard of at least one range of Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo + conditioner.

They have an array of different scents which include Coconut and Macadamia, Banana and Coconut and Papaya and Coconut.
When they announced they will be releasing a Watermelon scent, I screamed.
I bloody love watermelon scented anything, so this, I was here for.

So each of the shampoo and conditioner has a hair concern that they are dedicated to. This is something I didn’t take into consideration when buying this however, as this certain one is meant for fine hair, and I on the other hand, have quite the opposite, very, very thick hair. Whoops.
I don’t think it makes much of a difference, as my hair feels and smells lovely afterwards.

Hair masks are also very popular from Garnier, they always have a hair masks which matches the shampoo + conditioner that is released. I haven’t actually got the hair mask which matches these to, but I do have the Papaya and Alma one. Full review here.

Let me know if you have had any of the shampoo + conditioner from Garnier in the comments!

Cocunat – Curls in 3 Steps

Confession. I bought these almost exactly a year ago, used once and never to be seen again.

Until now.

So you might not know that I have very curly hair, it’s bittersweet. I really want to embrace my curls, as I’ve seen some curly girl accounts pop up on my socials and made me think, you know what, if I use the right products, and work with my hair how I should, then I won’t be having a battle with my hair every morning.

So this bundle contains a Capillary Argan Serum – nourishes and hydrates the hair. Curl Booster – a definition gel restores, defines and loosens curls. And a Curl Spray – hold curls in place. They smell lush too.

I pair this with my diffuser, which I also got last year for my birthday. I used my diffuser once, for all of ten minutes, roots still wet, safe to say it looked like shit. But I’ve learned diffusing curls takes time, quite a long time, but the outcome is worth it.

How gorgeous is this hairdryer too? I love anything vintage 50s/60s style, and this is just that. It does look like a play hairdryer you would get to use on Barbie dolls as kids, but I promise it is fully functioning. I actually got this from B&M!

I might do a full post on how I get my hair from droopy curls to, the 80s want their hair back curls.

Before – After


Baked Oats

Now, to say I am obsessed…

Admittedly, I am a serial ‘dieter’. I fluctuate in and out of eating absolute rubbish, to eating rabbit food in the hopes of drastic change. As I’ve grown older, I realise I can’t damage myself in order to lose a few dress sizes. I love my food, like a lot, and sweet food will always be my vice. Which is why the discovery of something as simple as porridge, baked, is life changing for me.
I can still get my sweet tooth fixed, without any of the ‘guilt’. Like who wouldn’t want cake for breakfast?

The flavours are endless. My most recent creation was ‘Lemon Drizzle’, and ‘Coffee Cake’.

For the base of my baked oats I use:

40g oats
1 cup plant based milk (you can use whole milk)
1 egg (I have heard baking soda also works)
1 or 2 bananas, depending on your preference
1 Tbsp Greek yoghurt (or any of your choice, I like coconut or lemon)
Bake on 180’C, fan. 40-45 mins.

Then add your ingredients / toppings however you like. I did used to hand whisk my ingredients, which is lovely, however it was a gamechanger when I blended my ingredients, to make a batter it is truly like a cake. And fills you for the day.

Lemon Cake

I’ve included this because, well, I’m friggin’ proud!

It was my sisters birthday recently and I decided to surprise her with a birthday cake. Now, I’m always opting for chocolate cake when it comes to baking, mainly because I’m a raging chocoholic, so I decided to branch out.
Coming into spring and being so close to Easter I thought a simple lemon cake with some tangy lemon buttercream seemed very fitting. And it went down a treat!

If there’s a style of cake you’d like to see me try, let me know in the comments below!

I used a recipe I found online. Click here.


Aldi – Travel Journal

Another ALDI product! You can tell where I’ve been getting my groceries in lockdown…

I came across this adorable little travel journal in the Special Buys section, god I love that section, and fell in love with it.
Seems ironic to be getting something like a travel journal when we’re being told we’re not even allowed to leave the country. Buy I guess it’s something to look forward to, and I LOVE some organisation.

There are pages which are dedicated to planning your trip from the beginning to end. Your start and end destination, transport, accommodation, food and entertainment. There’s a section for some extra notes as well.

My favourite pages are definitely the lists for what you need to pack for your journey, as every time I go anywhere, even a staycation, I love to have a lists of the things I need to take with me.

2 whole pages of stickers with the cutest little travel designs on them.

Mine and my boyfriend’s main goal in life is to travel to many places, and this is the perfect little item to help us with our organisation for each trip.
It can also be a great gift for your friends and family who love to travel, I managed to get one for my boyfriend’s sister, who has travelled to many places across the world. Here’s a link to her Instagram.

And that’s all from my March favourites. If you follow me over on Instagram you will know this is my second time uploading this, as the first attempt failed to save and I was left with half a blog post.
So if you’re reading this it’s all gone to plan and I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading.
I hope to do as many monthly favourites as I can manage. As mentioned earlier, I don’t think I use enough new stuff to do this on a monthly basis, but if there is something I need to inform you about, I will be sure to write a post on it.

Remember, Love your skin? Come and join in!

LK x

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands in my post, and everything is my honest opinion. Please note that some links to websites may have expired by the time you read this post.

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