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Unboxing! NEXT: The Ultimate Mothers Day Beauty Box

So, you’re going to look at me in disgust now. I know this box is specifically designed for ‘Mother’s Day’, but I have bought it for… myself. Before you start screaming at your screens, much like other boxes I get, I will more than likely give her some products anyway, and I also have a gift which is much more lovely, so there, have that.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an unboxing, well, a post in general! This lockdown is hitting a little different from the first one for me, the motivation is lacking. But, I will try and upload when and where I can.

Let’s go!

Emma Hardie – Moringa Cleansing Balm

Let’s kick off with the product that gave me that push into buying this whole box. Many people would agree this is definitely one of the OG skincare products that everyone and their dog has heard of. I’ve tried other cleansing balms which I love (see here). But this always seems to come up in conversation when talking about cleansers and skincare in general.
I adore how they’ve taken the full sized packaging and simply shrunk it for the sample.

Size: 15ml (travel size)
Company website:

Elemis – Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Another product I’ve heard a lot of chatter about. Excited to try.

Size: 15ml (travel size)
Company website:

Glam Glow – Supermud Clearing Treatment

Now a product I haven’t heard about. I know of the brand, just not the clearing treatment.

*Goes to do a quick Google search*

Ah! A mud mask. I seen images of the full sized jar and it for sure rings a bell now. I like a mud mask occasionally, I can get excessively oily, especially in the summer time, so mud masks are needed to blot that skin.
I think this brand is definitely targeted to a young, social media influenced audience, which, even though I’m young woman myself, I am never interested in. I prefer ingredient lead products, nice smells and pretty packaging is simply just a bonus for me.
I’ll be trying this with an open mind, as I said, I do enjoy a mud mask.

Size: 7g (sample size)
Company website:

Benefit – The POREfessional Primer

Who’s getting high school flashbacks? Just me? There was one point where every girl owned this primer, some not even knowing what it’s for I think. (This and the HOOLA bronzer).
No hate though, if it’s been that popular for years then it must be good, right?
I’m going to put my hands up and admit I never really use primer, *hides*.
It’s been over a year since I’ve worn a full face of make up, any make up worn is for such a short period of time primer is never needed. However, 21st June onwards means hopefully more outings and excuses to put the slap on, so this just might be the miracle I need.

Size: 3ml (sample size)
Company website:

The Ordinary – ”Buffet”

Peptide galore!
I love The Ordinary as a whole. No bullshit, no frills, no faff, just straight up ingredient lead skincare. I always see this one all around my socials, and I’m really intrigued.
Will keep updated on this one.

Size: 30ml (full size)
Company website:

L’Occitane – Immortelle Divine Cream

I don’t think I’ve owned anything from this brand, bit posh isn’t it :’)
Reviews are decent, love the little tub it comes in, sample sizes usually come in sachets or viles, but a little pot like this is heckin cute!
I’m screwed if I fall in love with this, RRP £79, y i k e s!

Size: 8ml (sample size)
Company website:

Eyeko – Eye Do Liquid Eyelier

Not usually one for the make up side of beauty boxes, but I love a liquid eyeliner!

Size: 2g (travel size)
Company website:

Beauty Pro – Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask

I’m pretty sure I have one of these eye patches from another beauty box and never been round to using it. I should do really. Eye patches are perfect for me as I suffer with migraines and cool feelings on my face feels so relieving.

Size: 3.5g (full size sachet)
Company website:

Bobbi Brown – Smokey Eye Mascara

Another make up addition to the pack. Mascara. I’m not a huge fan of mascara if I’m honest, it feels too hard and heavy on my eyes. I will wear it when I’m going out for drinks or nice meal, so I’ll pick this next time I do a full face.

Size: 3ml (travel size)
Company website:

Aurelia – Cell Repair Night Oil

I’ve never heard of this brand before!
Browsing at the website, I can see they love their nourishing oils, supplements and florals. Check of the INCI on this oil and Jesus Christ, so many oils derived from nuts, flowers, fruit ect. I’m really impressed so far, but the proof is in the pudding!
My only quark at the moment , is the website showing a lady dripping the pipette directly onto her bloody skin. Don’t do this. That’s all.
Will update on this.

Size: 4ml (sample size)
Company website:

Philip Kingsley – Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment

Now remember when I said I care less about the make up inclusion of a beauty box? Well I care even less about hair products. Hairdressers I’m deeply sorry.
Now I’m not guilty of constantly dying my hair, or regularly using heat tools, in fact quite the opposite. But I don’t go out of my way to look after my hair as well I should do. Being in a lockdown for months doesn’t help the lock procrastination either to be fair.
Once the hairdressers open and I finally get my hair chopped I will for sure do more to help my curls be happy and healthy, and hey, this might be my saviour?

Size: 40ml (travel size)
Company website:


This box comes with a handy leaflet with brief explanations of products.

And we are done!

Thanks for reading, if you want any updates on any of these products, let me know in the comments.

Remember, Love your skin? Come and join in!

LK x

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands in my post, and everything is my honest opinion.

*Sample/travel size products may seem like full size due to camera shot

*Website links from UK domains

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