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The Inkey List – SPF 30 Daily Sunscreen

To tell you I was excited when The Inkey List announced they were launching an SPF, I screeched! Taken me too long to write up a review, but here I am.

So the Inkey List is known for it’s affordability and effective skincare. The brand’s name is a take from the ingredients stated on packaging of skincare products, ”International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient” – INCI. Which implies they solely focus on what is going into their skincare, apposed to things such as colourful packaging or scents.
You know The Inkey List products from a mile off, with it’s unique, simple, black and white packaging, which is amazingly clear of what’s included and also what it benefits to the skin.
Prices are extremely affordable, putting them into the same boat as brands such as The Ordinary and CeraVe. So when they announced on an Instagram live they were launching an SPF, my god I was hella stoked. I purchased the hour it become available.

I was pretty shocked to find this is an SPF with a brown-y tint to it, but fear thou not, it’s a non cosmetic tint to counter balance the zinc oxide which is included in mineral SPF that can leave that annoying white cast on the skin, more prominent on darker skin tones, and is not meant to match your skin, rather blend in when applying. I find with tinted SPFs that leave a colour, I hold back on using the correct amount (teaspoon on face and neck) and end up mixing with a none tinted SPF, which is fine, but feels a bit of a waste. But with The Inkey List’s, this isn’t necessary as you don’t have that instant tanned effect. Zinc however does oxidise naturally, so product that hasn’t quite blended (commonly around the eyebrows/wrinkles) can turn a darker orange/brown, but doesn’t take much at all to blend, but something to keep in mind.

Advertised as ‘no fragrance’, but I have to disagree. I think it smells like fake tan personally, but I’m not mad at it. By fake tan I don’t mean like the nasty, fishy/curry smell, but more like a subtle biscuit scent, and it fades once applied to the face, it definitely doesn’t linger or rub off on things like fake tan does. I googled what gives fake tan it’s ‘stink’, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and was sure it would include it, but it doesn’t. So I have to hazard a guess that it’s the caramel or shea butter, but I’m not 100%. Don’t let this bit of info put you off, as it’s not something that makes me not want to use the product, rather something I notice only in the application process.

The only other qualm I have, (using the word loosely as it doesn’t bother me that much), is that it’s a 30 SPF, not a 50.
As I said, it doesn’t aggravate me, but being as pale as I am, I don’t tend to go lower than 50, especially on my face. However, it’s been studied there isn’t a huge difference between 30 and 50, in regards to sun protection, as long as there is regular application, (at least every 2 hours), and always applied after sweating, swimming and towelling, the amount of protection is sufficient.
I would strongly suggest to never go below a factor 30 on the face, even for a dark complexion.

Something I always go for in SPFs is broad spectrum, which protects against UVA and B rays. Which this does.
It’s also a mineral sunscreen, also known as ‘physical’ sunscreen, which I know most people prefer, as it’s been (wrongly) drilled into us that it’s ‘safer’ than chemical sunscreens, which absorb UVA/B rays which is converted into heat. Mineral sunscreens however also absorb UVA/B rays and convert it into heat. I’m going to refer to Lab Muffin’s in depth post on SPF myths here.
But, if you still want to go down the strictly mineral/physical SPF route, then this has got you covered.

The texture is quite nice. Unexpected for an SPF, face SPF is usually a runny/thin/watery consistency, (that’s not always the case).
This has a creamy/gloopy feel to it. The INCI has a few hydrating ingredients included and you can tell this by how easy it applies onto the skin.
This has a matte like effect, but is not at all drying on the skin. I like this as, being a factor 30, I will use on duller days/winter time, which is a time I don’t want to be super dewy and shiny, it still shows a nice glow, due to the tinted, glossy cream decanted by this SPF. But if you like the super glass like shine after your morning routine, this won’t give you that.
It sits really well under make up and I haven’t has any trouble with pilling.

You get 50ml of product for £14.99, and for SPF, that’s amazing. For example, Supergoop’s unseen sunscreen factor 30, you get 15ml of product for 1p more…
Of course, the formula is a whole world of different, but if you boil it down to just an effective SPF 30, it’s a no brainer.

It’s a screw top, squeezy bottle which is nice, I’ll still always prefer a pump though.

Overall, I really like this product.

Check out more from The Inkey List.

It’s a great value for money, and I would definitely repurchase!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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Remember guys and gals, Love your skin, Come and join in!

L.K. x

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands in my post, and everything is my honest opinion.

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