Skincare! – The ultimate lazy day guide.

You could be the most passionate person in the whole wide world about skincare, but there will be at least 1 day in your life when quite frankly, you can’t. be. arsed. Long day in work? Had the kids all day? Been doing coursework for 10 hours straight? Or it’s just a well deserved lazy day? Here’s some tips:

Before we dive in, I’d just like to point out that I am no way stating you should swap your trusty, product filled skincare routine for the lazy guide I’m about to write up.
I personally don’t often feel like I don’t want to do a skin routine, but I see posts every day from my fellow skincare crazy friends, ”God guys, I really can’t find it in me tonight”. And guess what? That’s OK!
I’m not going to sit here and pretend a full routine, (bookends – cleanse and moisturise, with actives, serums and oils in the middle), isn’t the best way forward to amazing skin. But let’s face it, most have us have busy, stressful lives, I get it.
Hopefully some of the things mentioned below help you out if you have them days/nights where a full skin routine is the last thing on the agenda.

Less is more:

Normally have 10 steps of your routine? That just won’t do here. As long as you are fully taking your make up/spf off and applying a decent moisturiser to lock in that skin darling, don’t worry bout’ it. My drunken skincare consists of me double cleansing, and slapping on the nearest moisturiser all over my face, neck and chest and that’s me diddly doodly done.
You might find after lugging yourself up to do your double cleanse, the ball starts to roll and you can do your full step by step, but fear not, as long as your skin is clean, and has a hydrating, protective barrier on top, you’re good.
If you’re having a particularly bad week ahead, try and incorporate a new item each day, this way it won’t feel as though you’re packing it on and will have to do this for the next 6 days.
”I don’t have time”, listen, a skincare routine can last 5 minutes if you want it to, you do have time, give yourself a break.
Tip: You could do your ‘basic’ routine on your work days, and your full, indulgent routine on your days off. Saturday and Sunday are typical days people don’t work, save your masks, oils and lotions for then, (adjust this advice into your own lifestyle).

It’s all about timing:

Brian Stokle on Twitter: "Come to the Valencia Bike Meeting at ...

Get to about 11pm/12am and realise you’ve still got a full face on and you can barely keep your eyes open long enough for a full skin routine? This is probably my biggest problem.
Say for example you get in from work at around 6pm, go and do your face, quick, go, while you can!
I used to believe your skincare routine has to be done the minute before you tuck into bed, now I think about it, that rule seems quite ridiculous. Products take some time to sink in, so the earlier, the better in my eyes (especially if you’re using an oil, nothing worse than sticking to your pillow).
I understand this can’t be the case for some, if you work late or only manage to get the kids to bed at 9pm. But I promise, as soon as you get in the door… face! It’s worth it.

‘Pavlov’ your skincare routine:

Pavlov Stock Illustrations – 27 Pavlov Stock Illustrations ...

Ok, if you don’t know who Pavlov is, he is a Russian physiologist who studied the behaviour of dogs.
Stay with me here.
In 1897, he conducted an experiment in which he would notice a dog salivating at the sight of meat. He would then create a sound, to which the dog wouldn’t salivate to. Next, he would create the same sound whilst showing the meat, salivating would occur as there is meat present.
In the end, the sound alone would cause the dog to salivate, with no meat in sight! Purely down to association that sound = meat.
I am going somewhere with this.
Associate your skincare routine with something you like. For example, the little snack you have when you’re watching TV, save for your routine. You could be listening to your favourite tracks while doing a facial massage, or a glass of vino. It’s completely up to you! You’ll not just start doing your routine, you’ll get excited for it!
Tip: Save your treat, whatever it is, for after your skincare routine. You wouldn’t give a dog the bone before it sits would you?

Sun Protection Factor:

Ask the Expert: Does a High SPF Protect My Skin Better? - The Skin ...

Not a morning person? Not many are.
I’ll always recommend cleansing in the morning, any products from the night before not sunk in, and the build of of dead skin and sweat needs to come off.
But the only absolutely vital, essential, needed, important AM product is… SPF! Why? It’s in the name. Protection, from that big bright ball in the sky. Sun can cause some serious damage if you’re in it for too long, and even on overcast days, UVA rays can still peek through and age that skin of yours, or worse, cause serious conditions like skin cancer.
Yes vitamin C, HA, oils and moisturisers etc are amazing for the skin, keeps the moisture in, and essentially protects the skin barrier, but nothing compares to the importance of a high factor, broad spectrum SPF.
I would suggest getting an SPF with a tint like Heliocare Colour (full review), so can replace make up, giving you more time for other steps in skincare. Or one which includes some nice hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin, so you can combo your moisturiser and SPF, if your skin is down with that.
Tip: Make sure you double cleanse in the evening if wearing just SPF still, it is designed to latch onto the skin. Also keep topped up throughout the day if you are constantly exposed to the suns rays.

Stop comparing:

That person you have on insta seems to have a jam packed skincare routine 7 days a week huh, well that should mean you should too, right? Stop this.
You don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes, someone can take pictures all they want, does this mean they’re going to put it into action? A lot of ‘influensers’ also pre film their content, but upload on a daily basis making it seem like a daily routine. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, it’s also some folk’s full time job, keep that in mind.
But, so what if someone does have the time and energy to routine every night, good for them! But does it have any effect on your own life and skin? Not at all. You do you, don’t worry about having to be like anyone else, no two lives are the same, live yours.
I’m not saying to completely disregard anyone’s passion/posts for skincare, it’s a shared hobby for millions of people, it’s good to explore and learn from others, but never make it a competition, it’s there for practicality and welfare of the largest organ of the human body.
Tip: Try and look for accounts which match your skin type and budget. I’m sorry, but if your scraping by on the funds don’t limit your viewing to companies such as Allies of Skin, Medik8, or SkinCeuticals. If you’re of a mature age, tween Tik Tok accounts aren’t going to be of much use to you either. Of course, read and watch what you enjoy! But take advice of skins similar to your own in regards of choosing products for your routine. (Many accounts write their skin type in their bio, so is worth following those which match yours).

If it’s not for you:

Move on.
No, I don’t mean skincare in general. I mean specific products that you just don’t like/that don’t agree with your skin. It’s so easy to purchase products you see brilliant reviews on, and it not live up to it’s expectations. I have heard so may people over the years say that decent brands/products are crap, when the exact same product has changed someone else’s life.
Your skin has a specific PH level, which changes from time to time slightly. Everyone is different. Take an acid toner for example, it might mix great with the PH level of one persons skin, and do exactly the job it was meant to do, gently exfoliating and leaving a nice glow, however break someone else out, compromise the skin barrier and leave it sore. Reactions to ingredients occur differently in everyone, some good, some bad.
So if the most popular product on the market, one which all your mates use and love, doesn’t give you the feeling/result you want for your skin, let. it. go.
If you keep at it, you’re going to end up dreading your skincare routine, especially if it’s doing some harm to your skin, any breakouts or redness from a product (unless purging from retinol ) isn’t usually normal.
Tip: Give a product 4-6 weeks, if you’re still not happy, give it away and move onto the next thing, do your research.

Skincare space:

Dedicate a space for your routine. Preferably not the bathroom, as the humidity levels change a lot more than any other room in the house. Wherever your products are kept, stick there.
A nice mirror and lighting to see all that hard work.
Store your products neatly, whether that be away in a draw/cupboard, or out on display like mine. If you’re organised, you’re going to feel 100 x more keen to sit and work on that skin.
Make it your own little place, candles, flowers, photographs. Keep it de-cluttered.
Tip: You don’t have to splash out on designer trinkets to make your space look boujiee (if that’s the spelling of the word to describe it these days). Your local charity shop or bargain home ware store will have gorgeous bits and bobs to make it your own. B&M is amazing, UK.
Pintrest is a great app to get amazing ideas to create your perfect skincare space.

Oil me up baby!

Ok, this tip won’t be for everyone. But I believe that oil cleansers are the best for breaking down everything on your face. Balms are just as good as they break down into an oil, but a cleanser that is already an oil is easier to decant. It’s literally pour, massage, wash.
Other forms of cleanser are perfectly fine, but through experience I find if I want to do a quicker cleanse that cleans the face properly, I’ll always reach for an oil. (My fave is Superfacialst Vitamin C oil cleanse. (Full review here).
Of course if oil cleansers just aren’t for you this tip can go in the bin.
Tip: Double cleansing as you all know is so important for a completely clean canvas. It’s advised to use 2 different cleansers, but hey, the same one twice is completely fine, we’re in a lazy space here.

The skincare police won’t come and arrest you:

Serious Hispanic Police Officer Pointing At You. Stock Vector ...

Don’t beat yourself up if you skip a night. Nobody will know, and most importantly, nobody will care, and if they do, do you really want to keep hanging around these people? Didn’t think so.
It’s not the be all and end all, your skin won’t fall off. Yes your skin might feel different/worse in the morning, but it is usually fairly quick to get your skin back to normal.
Keep in mind, you’re doing your skincare routine for you. Skipping a night won’t make much difference.
It’s a given, life can get in the way. Whether it be mental/physical health, family(s), work, there will be things to prioritise over a skincare routine. But remember, you have to put yourself first or life will swallow you up, you deserve it, I promise.
Tip: Keep a record of your skin, and how it’s doing, even if it’s just a mental check. Have a good, close up look at clean skin every morning/night and ensure you’re doing what’s best. It’s so easy to hardly look properly in the mirror for a week, and all of a sudden find irritation, texturing or breakouts that might have formed earlier than you think. Get to know your skin, this way, you can do a 2 minute routine but with effective products you know will work.


Think back at when skincare in general, or certain products you swear by has really done some justice in your skin. Think of that moment and reconsider skipping.
Think into the future also, what do you want for your skin? You’ll achieve it faster and more efficiently with a consistent routine.
Don’t mistake this for guilt tripping yourself, as mentioned, it’s not a big deal if you wish to skip a night, it’s something to keep in mind.
We all want the best for our own skin, but it does take some effort and commitment, that’s a fact.

That’s all folks!

Hope this post helps.

Remember, Love your skin? Come and join in!

L.K. x

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(None of the images, except for my skincare storage, are my own).

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