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Who IS she?! – L.K.skincare

Hello. I’m Lauren Kate. And I’m a skincareaholic.

OK, I can go all day talking about products, tips and tricks, food, feminism, vintage music ect, all day. Myself on the other hand, not so much.
But I think you would appriciate to know the person behind the reviews, right?

I did try and get into blogging when I was around 16/17, but my knowledge was scarce and, I was, lets face it, a lazy teenager. I have since learnt a LOT more and I’m at an age where prevention is key, so am taking measurments to slow the natural aging process, this is me logging that journey.

As mentioned, Lauren Kate is short for the L.K. in my handle, I like to make even my own name easier to work with. I’m 23 and currently work in fast food, specifically sandwiches, submarine shaped sandwiches… you get the gist.
‘Fast food!?’ I hear you cry, a long stretch from the glamorous, nice smelling world of skincare eh? I agree. But it’s just one of them things, job you fall into at 18, work your way up, then before you know it, 5 years go by and you’re significantly more grey haired than before, (yes I have got grey hair at 23 it’s my mothers genetics).

When I first started working where I do now, I enrolled in a local college to study Beauty Therapy. At this point in my life I thought I was more into the make up/nails/eyelashes side of the beauty industry, how wrong I was. Don’t get me mistaken, I love toying with make up, doing my nails all nice, but not for a career, and a serious kudos to those who do.
What caught my attention was the skincare and massage therapy I studied for the 2 years I was there. My routine then was, micellar water as a cleanse, a toner that might as well just be water, and any form of moisturiser I could get my hands on. Not completely awful, but I’d slap myself if I could (a couple more times for my lack of sleep and taste in boys too but that’s another issue).
I worked with products like Dermalogica, N07, Elemis ect, using and selling to the public and, bingo! This was what I wanted to do. However, anxiety, mental health and 2 breakdowns, meant any big career move like this was halted, by my own brain, (inconvenient I know). So I made myself a bit unheard of for a while. Until now.

For the past few years I have started to really focus on myself, and my passions. I bagged myself a lovely boyfriend called Leigh, (loveleigh, ha I made a joke).
Our goal at the moment is to travel to new places and do more in our careers. He’s been bugging me to start a blog again (probably to stop harping on to him about lotions and potions and tell people who actually give a s*it). So you’ve partly got him to thank for my posts, and he has got me to thank for significantly greater skin for the time being with me.


I also am the proud owner (ok parents ‘own’ her but I love her the most) of a Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever / Poodle) called Honey.
I’d die for this dog. Dramatic, I understand, but she’s everything so pure and good in this world. We spoil her rotten, she deserves every tummy tickle and doggy biscuit she gets. You’ll probably see a lot of her on my Instagram.

Making my opinions on such a humongous industry so public, is a risky game. I understand my views on certain brands, products, ingredients and more will come with its challenges. I am a firm believer that if something works for you, crack on, I am open to suggestions and recommendations, but don’t come at me if you don’t agree with something if it’s ‘fragranced’ or ‘not from the natural soils of the ancient himalayas’ OK? thanks.

This outlet will mostly be skincare, but I do have other loves as well. I love to bake, so I’m happy to write up some recipes and pictures to acompany. Maybe some clothes hauls, day in the life style posts. I’m still finding my feet, but some posts may vary.

I think I’ve said more than intended if I’m honest, but it’s all reletive I guess. I hope you all enjoy what I have to write up in the future. Thanks for reading.

Love your skin? Come and join in!

L.K. x

Instagram : l.k.skincare
Email : lkskincaremail@gmail.com
Twitter: lkskincareblog

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