About Me

Who IS she?! – L.K.skincare

Hello. I’m Lauren Kate. And I’m a skincareaholic.

OK, I can go all day talking about products, tips and tricks, food, feminism, vintage music ect, all day. Myself on the other hand, not so much.
But I think you would appriciate to know the person behind the reviews, right?

I did try and get into blogging when I was around 16/17, but my knowledge was scarce and, I was, lets face it, a lazy teenager. I have since learnt a LOT more and I’m at an age where prevention is key, so am taking measurments to slow the natural aging process as well as keeping my skin in the best condition I can, this is me logging that journey.

As mentioned, Lauren Kate is short for the L.K. in my handle, I like to make even my own name easier to work with.

I also am the proud owner of a Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever / Poodle) called Honey.
I’d die for this dog. Dramatic, I understand, but she’s everything so pure and good in this world. We spoil her rotten, she deserves every tummy tickle and doggy biscuit she gets. She has her own Instagram account ‘HoneyBlossomGD’

This outlet will mostly be skincare, but I do have other loves as well. I love to bake, so I’m happy to write up some recipes and pictures to acompany. Maybe some clothes hauls, day in the life style posts. I’m still finding my feet, but some posts may vary.

Love your skin? Come and join in!

L.K. x

Instagram : l.k.skincare
Email : lkskincaremail@gmail.com
Twitter: lkskincareblog

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