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Aldi’s LACURA (Glow Recipe dupes)

Whether you love or loathe them, Aldi live and breathe dupes, especially beauty / skincare. But are they worth it?

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March Favourites!

I’ve never actually done a favourites on my blog before. Yes! A ”blogger” not doing a monthly favourites?! Sacrilege.
But I have more time on my hands than when I’m doing my usual 40 hour working weeks, so here, have one.
Being off work for this period of time has let me experience some new products. There’s some of my staples here too.

Let’s crack on…

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PM Routine // 7 Step Skin

My first video on my blog!! I didn’t know you I could upload videos but, hey you learn something new every day.

I decided to show my PM routine with the ‘7 skin’ trend incorporated.

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